Upsy Downsy

"They walk on their hands everywhere with their feet in the air, it's an Upsy Downsy world."

Welcome to Upsy Downsy Land … a look back at Mattel's topsy-turvy world by creators and fans!

While they didn't last long, Mattel's Upsy Downsys (1970) are still remembered by aficionados and Mattel alumni. Many have attributed Upsy Downsys' lasting appeal to their uniqueness.

In this whimsical, fantasy world, Upsys live right side up and, in many ways, mirror our own society while the eccentric Downsys stand on their hands and generally do things backwards. Downsys also have wild and crazy-looking vehicles.

As an avid life-long collector and fan of the Upsy Downsys, I have spent the last twelve years researching and applying my skills as a published writer towards the collected works provided on this website.

This site tells the story of their creation and lasting impact.